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October 22, 2019 1 min read

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about our environmental footprint and ways we can reduce wastage around the home and in our day to day lives. Today we’re looking at paper Vs Linen napkins; which is more sustainable long term with the least impact on the planet.

  1. Which is more affordable, paper (disposable) or Linen (reusable)?
  2. Which is more hygienic?
  3. Which is more aesthetically appealing and tactile?
  4. Which has the smallest environmental impact? Taking into account, farming, production, transport, manufacturing etc.

The clear winner is LINEN! Our research shows that over time you’ll save money and time when switching to Linen napkins. Washing your napkins with each use completely eliminates any cleanliness concerns. We suggest spot cleaning any oil or food stains with dishwashing liquid before regular washing. Obviously, linen napkins are 1000 times sexier than paper napkins, that’s a no brainer!

As for environmental impact, paper is the big looser. Any product that’s re-usable long term will always be the preference.

Hot tip. Reduce water wastage by washing your napkins with like colours after use.

With the silly season approaching why not consider adding some linen napkins or tablecloths to your order list. Not only do they add some serious elegance to your setting they’re also a positive for the environment which is a bonus.

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