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October 22, 2019 1 min read


Why do the sheets always look so perfect in magazines? Believe it or not, stylist put a lot of thought into colours when styling a shoot. We’ve got a couple of pointers for you when selecting which coloured linen sheets you should choose.

Think about the existing colours in your bedroom. If it’s already quite neutral, then don’t be afraid to select something with a little more character. White walls and timber floors are pretty much a blank canvas – giving you total permission to have fun!

LOOK OUTSIDE for inspiration! If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful big window in your bedroom with a dreamy outlook (like Element House; shot by Dave Kulesza, styling by Bea Lambos, architecture by Ben Callery Architects for The Local Project). Look to the landscape and try match where possible. Water views are always matched nicely with blues and whites for a more nautical vibe. If it’s greenery you have then go lush and warm – pink’s go great with green’s!

 Also, don’t worry about things matching too much. You can add depth by playing with tones; try clay linen sheets, oat + white linen pillowcases paired with our oatmeal linen duvet.

 Remember there are no rules, so don’t restrict yourself!


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