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Caring for your linen.

Linen continues to grow softer and softer with each and every wash and wear. We recommend changing every week for cleaning.

You can keep your bedding looking it’s very best for longer with our general care tips:

  • We suggest using a gentle liquid detergent.
  • Machine wash on a cold cycle
  • Line dry naturally to conserve energy and preserve the fibres of your linen
  • When a dryer is the only option, we recommend using a cool-low setting. Intense heat can fracture the fibres and reduce the longevity
  • Avoid using harsh chemical products on your linens. Not only are they terrible for our environment they’re actually not beneficial to your bedding either. These include peroxide or chlorine bleach.
  • No need for fabric softeners as your linen is already super soft (it’s pre-washed in volcanic stones) plus they’ll continue to soften the more they’re used.